Peter Kittle Collision Repair Centre

Combined with our passion for motor vehicles, we have a goal of delivering the highest levels of customer service, which means that at Peter Kittle Collision we deliver the best quality results for all of our guests.

We make Crash Repairs Easy!

Our crash repair facility boasts the latest state of the art equipment, expertly trained staff and a streamlined business process which enables us to deliver on our promise.

RedStar Car Carriers

With our Hino transporter and our Tilt Truck both available for local pick up’s and deliveries around South Australia as well as access to get your car wherever it needs to go in Australia, we at RedStar Car Carriers really are a one stop shop for all your car freighting needs!

RedStar Finance

Are you ready to say yes to great deal on your favourite model of car? Found the perfect boat or caravan? Just inspected you dream home? Is now the right time to buy that motorcycle, truck or bus? Do you need a car for business use? Or is it time to book a holiday?

Redstar Finance will help make any of these purchases a reality quickly, with the ideal loan option to suit your circumstances.